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Eamon Friel is from Derry in Northern Ireland. In the year 2000 he issued the album "Word of Spring". It received a great deal of critical praise and substantial radio play particularly in Britain on programmes like BBC Radio 3's "Late Junction". Two of the songs were covered by Sean Tyrell and Bill Jones. "I was encouraged by its reception", says Eamon. "So much so that I am writing the best songs of my life at the moment. I am a three song a year man if I'm lucky but I seem to have hit a purple patch of late".

Phone Tapping

New Single Release
The interest created by the last single has persuaded me to hold the release of the new album until the autumn of 2015. "PHONE TAPPING" received a lot of radio play so here's another single off the forthcoming album. I wouldn't say BRAVE NEW WORLD is optimistic exactly but it remains hopeful in spite of all the odds.

No need for greed once we have learned to share
O brave new world, a world that's free and fair

Eddie O'Donnell's arrangement is lovely and Marie Clarke's accordion playing on the song is particularly splendid. I hereby declare that the world has been given permission to transform itself. Now all it has to do is change for the better!

Phone Tapping Single Release Date September14
The Single "Phone Tapping" takes a humorous look at our addiction to mobile phones in all their increasing diversity. Phone Tapping will also be included on my new album to be released in the Spring of 2015.

In May 2003 his new album "The Waltz of the Years" was issued. Already it has been described as a "classic album" and BBC Radio Ulster's Folk Club has described one of the songs "Hard Town" as maybe the best Irish song of the last twenty years.

The year 2006 saw a new album launched. Here Is The River -- 10 songs confirming Eamon Friel's great qualities as a songwriter.

In 2009 a new album "Smarter" -- "11 songs of tranquil fire."

smarterThe year 2012 brings a new Eamon Friel album THE STREETS FORGET.


"Walking west along the road I heard a fairground carousel. I danced a tango. I sang a lullaby. I demanded a better future. I remembered young love. I spoke to a man who had little to say. I talked to the devil. I looked at the stars. I watched a man find courage. I saw clouds in a wet road. I met a man fallen on hard times. I wrote a song about each of these things. That's what songs are for. Eleven songs for an album."
Eamon Friel April 2012


Thran Records

"Great story songs! Great tunes too!"
Alex Lester BBC Radio 2

"Don't ask yourself will I buy this CD. Ask yourself how many copies."
Dai Woosnam Celtic Folk Music Review.

"I'm listening now to Eamon Friel's SMARTER. He's such a sensitive songwriter Sensitive arrangements. Just lovely."
Fiona Ritchie THISTLE AND SHAMROCK American Public Radio.

The title track, "The Waltz of the Years," is typical of his output. He takes an ordinary everyday occurrence and weaves a magical tune with words to match.
Nicky Rossiter Rambles Magazine USA.

"Eamon Friel is a great singer and the writer of wonderful songs."
Mike Harding BBC Radio 2.

"Witty, articulate and idiosyncratic Eamon Friel will restore your faith in the narrative power of the singer/ songwriter."
John O'Regan Folkroots Magazine.

"Word Of Spring" is a superb album...the tunes are the finest."
William Ramoutar WFCF Radio ,Florida.

"The Waltz Of The Years" is low key, simple and understated, in one sense. In another, it is a humungous treasure. Truly one of the years serious contenders in the must be heard stakes.
Arthur Wood Folkwax.

Evocative, poetic, tuneful... and true.
Malcolm Rogers Irish Post.

"Here Is The River" confirms me in my belief that Eamon Friel is just about the best songwriter anywhere at the moment. I am aware of no contemporary songwriter writing such powerful and beautiful songs.
Hugh Jordan Sunday World

"The Waltz Of The Years"..."The charming title track typifies a set that manages to be both down to earth and stylish"
Colin Randall The Daily Telegraph .  

Eamon Friel
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