All the Fun of the Fair

Eamon Friel Cop. Con.

It's where I wanted to be
The funfair was closing that night
My mother was doubtful of course
But I swore to her I'd be alright
So she gave me a handful of change all she could spare In the jingle of coins I could hear all the fun of the fair

Sailors on Rossville Street Nato crews out on the town But we kept on going till we heard the merry go round

The three of us starting to race
Past the last street lamps we go
Out to the edge of the town
Till we're under the lights of the show
There's room in a swing boat swing high high in the air
I'm scared that they'll know that I'm scared all the fun of the fair

Out at the Daisyfield that's where the funfairs would park We watch as the lights of the carousel whirl in the dark

Suddenly light disappeared
Suddenly blackness prevailed
Instantly night covered all
Darkness! The power had failed!
There was chaos at first then a hush silence like prayer I looked up at the millions of stars all the fun of the fair