Rock and Roll Ballads

Eamon Friel Cop. Con.

Folks back home still think I’m big in Reno Singing with a band in the casino
Now I’m in the big room at the back
Down stairs singing to a backing track

It’s a hard room with a food bar and it’s
Full of people working one arm bandits
In my time I’ve played some low down dives But I used to draw the line at forks and knives

Rock and roll ballads and burgers and salads I’m only Here to ignore next to the door
But when I go for that big note on Only The Lonely If they could hear they would still cheer

It’s Crying Time and then Return To Sender As I build up to The Great Pretender They’ve no notion who I am because
No one here remembers who I was

Yesterday the boss dropped in to see me Room was like an oven hot and steamy Listen Irish they call me that you know Sorry Irish got to let you go